Hotel Ecolabel

Hotel Gavarni is the 1st independent hotel in Paris to receive the European Ecolabel in 2009 (renewal ongoing) which designates places and products that meet strict efficiency and ecological criteria.

Governments, businesses, individuals, we are all responsible for the changes observed on our planet!

Our hotel has chosen to play its part and have decided to place sustainable development at the centre of who we are.
Ecotourism right in the very heart of Paris is possible!

Included in the Ecolabel criteria are: the percentage of electricity from renewable energy, energy efficiency of the heating, regulation of water flow in the showers, sorting of waste and fully organic breakfasts.

We also hope, through our initiatives, to awaken and develop environmental awareness in our customers who then become involved in the process. 

Different signs encourage them to make good choices: hanging towels are not replaced, only those left on the floor are, bed linen is changed at the request of the client, dustbins for waste sorting in rooms ...

In addition, a sign at Reception shows taxi departure times and destinations to encourage carpooling so as to limit pollution.
Members of staff, not wanting to be outdone, have all taken to public transport and cycling to work.
The hotel pays their public transport and Vélib charges.

In addition, Hotel Gavarni has a blog which focuses on its initiatives, Ecotourism in Paris and Ecology in general:

It is therefore quite possible today to make a difference for the environment while enjoying special comfort.
To do so from now on, book a room or a suite with a view of the Eiffel tower.

To learn more about our initiatives: download our press pack.